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Who we are

Combustin company, which was founded in 1919, stands for cost-effective lidocaine hydrochloride preparations in the form of ampoules and vials, as well as in the form of a spray. Acoin spray is used for surface anesthesia on the skin or mucous membrane. It is available in 4% and can also be used in pediatrics. We are particularly proud to be the only supplier with the active ingredient Sucralfate as tablets and granules.


With the natural health brand Presselin we look back on more than 90 years of experience in the field of homeopathy and herbal therapy. Our portfolio includes (complex) homeopathic preparations as injections and oral remedies, which offer you some specialties. Some niche products are to be mentioned, like those for women, for the treatment of thyroid diseases, the spleen and metabolic disorders.

Our food supplements not only contain herbs, but vitamins as well. A combination not often to be found. Liquids complete the program.


Our company site is located in Hailtingen, close to the hill Bussen, nestled in the beautiful countryside of Upper Swabia. We adhere to our production sites in Germany. Until today, Combustin pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH is an owner-managed family company.

Business Development

Our vision is to make our company more international and we are therefore striving for long-term cooperation and collaboration in licensing. We avoid long decision-making processes. You talk to the decision makers directly, to move joint projects forward quickly. An advantage of our family-like structure. We would like to work together making our products available in your country as well.


Our advantages


The particularity of our family business consists in the preservation and continuation of an over 90-year old tradition of (complex) homeopathic medicines.

Product Portfolio

In our product portfolio you will find, among other things, one of the few complex remedies available on the market to support the spleen.

Two complex remedies for the treatment of the thyroid gland

You will also find two complex remedies for the treatment of the thyroid gland, both for under- and over-function, whose homeopathic tradition has been preserved.

Aqua marina D6

Furthermore, we offer a specialty with a USP - our injection product "Aqua Marina D6", which we took over from the company Staufen Pharma in 2016.