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Presselin - Complex homeopathy for your whole family

Naturopathy since 1928

The special features of our family business are the preservation and continuation of a more than 90-years old Presselin tradition of (complex-) homeopathic medicines.

Discover with us true treasures of natural medicine which have already been used with great success by our grandmothers and grandfathers.

With our natural health brand we offer you the following kinds of dosage forms:

  • Oral complex homeopathy as tablets and drops
  • Homeopathic injections in ampoules
  • Food supplements as capsules and liquids

With Presselin you receive preparations for the treatment of the

  • Support of the spleen
  • Thyroid gland (over and under function)
  • Fat metabolism
  • Nervous exhaustion (tablets that do not tire out)
  • And many more

Did you know that ...

... Presselin carries an injectable that stimulates basic regulation? Obtained from deep sea water, it activates the Pischinger space, i.e. the space between the cells.

Let yourself be inspired by our tried and tested medicinal products.

Benefit now from our individual advice